My name is Brian Mearns. I’m a Computer Engineer living in upstate New York. I was born and grew up in the area, then went to Boston for college. After twelve years in Boston, my wife and I decided to move back home after having a son so we could be closer to family.

I started my career as a firmware engineer at APC, which later became part of Schneider Electric. Starting as an intern and making my way up to Senior Firmware Engineer, I spent nine years at APC / Schneider Electric writing hard-realtime C code for embedded power control systems. After moving back to New York, I began working as a Software Engineer at CommerceHub.

I’m interested in software engineering theory and practice, information theory (cryptography, error coding, compressions, etc.), and science and math generally. Outside of technology, I like to cook and bake, go to the beach, do a little gardening, play a little ukelele, and do a little of this and that. I’ve been doing a bit of recreational gymnastics since 2013 (mostly tumbling), and when we lived on the coast, I did a bit of skimboarding.

I’m socially and politically liberal, but not particularly active, because I’m pretty busy, fairly lazy, and have a pretty good life myself. I’m raising my kids to be feminists, believe in equal rights, and generally be kind. I believe in logic and rational thought. I’m agnostic, bordering on atheistic, except that I’m too superstitious to stop praying to saints. I’m trying to be open to most things, to be more positive, and not to hate. My goal is to become perfect.


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