Why wouldn’t I create my own text editor?

I love Vim, except now that I’ve used Atom, I hate Vim. Not because I like Atom, I hate Atom, too. But it’s so much prettier than Vim!

So I’m no longer satisfied with any text editor that I’ve tried. So obviously, I’ll just create my own.

In the vein of Atom.io, I’m building it in JavaScript and HTML, tentatively using React.js and RxJs. For now it’s just a web application, but eventually I’d like to build it out into a standalone application using node, or chromium or whatever the appropriate technology will be.

Odds are, this is destined to become another unfinished project on my very long and every growing stack. But in the mean time, I actually feel good about what I’m doing with it, using gap buffers for storing and editing the text, supporting multiple cursors, using a nicely layered architecture so you can use whatever style of editing you want (vim style, emacs style, or just plain notepad style) on top of the core editor. And I’ve got a veritable butt-ton (that’s a technical term) of unit tests, so I actually feel like it’s pretty solid.It’s a project I’m calling “nabu“, after the Babylonian god of writing. I wanted to call it “Seshat”, the Egyptian goddess of writing, because she was known as the scribe of the gods. But it doesn’t exactly roll of the tongue. Nabu sounds a lot better for a piece of software.

If and when I have anything worth sharing, I’ll do so. In the mean time, the saga continues.


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